Thursday, March 26, 2009

Here is our report!

Missed Deadline (Doh!)

Ok, so we missed the deadline (video will be here soon) but the students were fantastic - they produced some excellent material and a lot of learning and progress was made during the day. All the students walked away with some new skills and all had a great time!

Going forward the project almost needs to be bigger in the way we approach it with greater involvement from Sixth Form to help lead and take on roles such as producers and directors. Some middle management is needed to ensure greater success.

Next year - we will crack it!

Finally, from Miss Armstrong and I (Mr Michie) I want to say thanks and well done to everyone who got involved.


Running late but still able to meet our 2pm BBC deadline...

2 hours to go...

We're 2 hours 40 mins into School Report. It all working very smoothly so far, so fingers crossed. We're just over half way and stories have been written, voice overs recorded and interviews (almost!) completed. The students have been amazing and have worked really hard to reach their deadlines.

Remember, the full report will be live at 1pm, so pop back then to see what's making the news!


Today in our group we have been researching how cyber-bullying can effect children across the world. We have been researching in the newspaper if there are any top stories in the news. We chose to report on cyber-bullying because the government have released lots of adverts on the television.

George, Fleur and Callum

Formula 1 races back to the BBC

Formula one returns to the BBC on Saturday and we should all be cheering on Lewis for a second winning season. Why not log on to our news report at 1pm to get the latest.

Frazer and James

asteroids on earth!

Robert and I have been working on a report about asteroids and are hopefully going to interview a science teacher later on this morning! we have chosen this story because it could have effected anybody in the world if it had been any larger! it was also very interesting to find out about and do interviews with people on the subject.
Sophie and Robert